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"The Purple
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"The Purple
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Professional Photo
Restoration and Retouching

It is sometimes hard to imagine the past in color, because all of our old photos are in black and white. Restore-Pictures would love to add realistic color to your old photos. Many old photographs have been torn, scratched or even faded with time. We restore old photos by taking out the blemishes. Our low cost photo restoration service can help breath new life into our old photographs.

We can also help you with your new photos. We give more attention to the subject of the photograph by turning the background of the portrait to black and white.


Genealogy Books

Save your family history with our genealogy book services. Order the templates to do the work yourself, or let us do all the dirty work for you.

Have Your
Photos Digitized

Nobody wants to lose their family photographs, but don't have the ability and/or time to place the photos on a CD. Be prepared for a fire, tornado, or anything life has to throw at you, and keep all your precious memories in a fire proof box, on a CD. But don't worry, we can do the work for you.

Digitize Your Recipes

There are many advantages to having your family recipes digitize. Most peoples recipes are as important to them as a box of priceless family photos. Not only will your recipes be preserved from age, but they also can go with you anywhere on your smart phone or tablet.

Photo Cards

Vintage Sister Card Vintage Boy In Dress

All old photogaphs are special, but a vintage photo card, created with your own heirloom photograph(s) are even more special.